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       I can't exactly have a personal home page without demonstrating my favorite hobby. As I'm sure you have noted, I love to draw! I'm always trying to develop this skill and I want to learn many different mediums. Ordinarily I use a mechanical pencil, everything except the valentines was drawn in this way, but I'm interested in producing more coloured pieces as well. I hope you like the pictures!
       Just incase you're wondering, the doggy character I've drawn is not Snoopy. His name is Trimthistle and I use him as a cartoon portrayal of myself.
       The pictures on this page are primarily repreductions from photographs. Most of the cartoons are my own design. I draw things that interest me. While most people will see them as nice drawings, they all are important to me in their own way. Each picture has a story to tell. Whatever I draw has a purpose.