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         Gundam Wing is a 42 episode Japanese Anime about five young hero's and their five large mobile suits. I could spend a few pages attempting to explain the plot to you but unless you've seen if for yourself you wouldn't get it. The story is extremely complex with characters well developed yet misunderstood. Alliances are always changing, many of the events lead the viewer to wonder who exactly is the protagonist.
         The Gundam pilots in the above picture are as follows: Trowa is the top left and beside him is Quatre. The middle right is Wufei who is situated next to Heero. Finally there's Duo at the very bottom. All these characters are from the colonies, cities that float around in space. "Gundam" is a very strong alloy that their mobile suits are made out of. These five can take on armies and they do so all the time. They don't start out together but throught the course of the series eventually meet.
         Yes, some of the main characters are girls. Relena is the princess of pacifism. There's lots of conflict in the Gundam world, especailly between the earth and the colonies, and she desires peace. The Gundams are infact on her side, no matter how much destruction they cause. She also has a thing for Heero even though he's been intending to kill her for some time now.
         My personal favorite character is none other than Trowa Barton. Not only do we share the same last name but we both have green eyes, the same build, even similar personalities. When he's not shooting missiles at Leo's he's acting as a clown having knives thrown at him in a circus. He is the pilot of Gundam Heavyarms.
For a really good Gundam Wing experience I recommend the Gundam wing movie, Enless Waltz.This takes place one year after the series and is the final battle before peace.