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         Bill Waterson's comic strips are unique in that the coloured strips are done with watercolour. He brings more culture to the scenes and gives comics more appreciation as an art form.
         Welcome to the world of Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin is an extremely imaginative young boy who has a stuffed tiger named Hobbes. Now you might note that in the pictures Hobbes doesn't really look like a stuffed tiger -he looks like he's alive. For Calvin he is. They hang out together, plot traps together, go on trips to outerspace together. After awhile of reading the comics you'll think Hobbes is alive too.
         Although Calvin is adventurous and at times too imaginative, Bill Waterson always maintains an even amount of reality and day dreams. Sometimes Calvin is "Spaceman Spiff" fighting intergalactic bugs. Other times he's with his family around a fire or in the forest thinking about life. He suits all.