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Tim Barton's Temporary Web Page
     This is just a quick page I set up to display the web pages I made while in high school and the Hidden Heroes website I worked on in the following year. I haven't had much experience in Dreamweaver or Fireworks, as these were all scripted in Notepad, but I'm quite familiar with Flash and Photoshop and can pick up programs quite easily. I realize these pages aren't partilcularly spectacular but I hope they display my competency and potential. I've also included links to some of my more recent artwork, character designs, and Flash animations. These are my strongest skills and I believe they could be quite beneficial to your company. High School Personal Webpage

High School Art Webpage (Way too slow)

Hidden Heroes Web Page

Various Artwork 1 Various Artwork 2 Character Designs Layouts and Vehicles

Flash Snowboard Flash Action 1 Flash Action 2 Flash Walk Flash Name