Below is Larry in costume for his role in King George and the Ducky.       These are some typical VeggieTales characters. No vegetable is left out whether it be a gourd or a pea. The main characters are Larry The Cucumer, Bob the Tomato, and Junior Asparagus.
      VeggieTales was first created in 1993 by Phil Vischer and has now reached 15 videos and millions of sales. It is a Christian animated film that, although meant for little kids, is appealing to all ages. Even if you're not a Christian you cannot refute their truthful lessons and hilarious stories. Some of them are classics from the bible, still others are...well...I don't know where they're from. Every episode is wonderful, I can honestly say that because I've seen every one. These pictures alone will probably get you interested.
      What I like best about VeggieTales is that it appeals to all ages. Little kids wouldn't understand many of the jokes and words used. VeggieTales is so well done it's a wonder there hasn't been a movie in theatres. That will change next summer, however, when the story of Jonah starring vegetables will be on the big screen.

The above pictures show Larry in his secret identity of Larry-Boy next to
the Larrymobile and Larry when he is just regular old, Larry the millionaire.
      There are two Larry-Boy videos in VeggieTales -The Rumour weed and the Fib from Outer Space. These videos pose Larry in Bumblyburg where he and his butler Alfred secretly fight crime. If you haven't realized yet -it's a knock-off of Batman. Larry-Boy fights criminals with his super suction-cup ears. Although he's the hero, in the end it has always been Junior Asparagus who saves the day.
      For a masked cucumber he has quite the following. Whenever there's trouble he'll be there. Whatever vegetable needs help you just shine the Larry-Boy distress signal and the hero of Bumblyburg will arrive. Larry-Boy is so popular he even has his own theme song.
        Probably the most favorite aspect of VeggieTales are the Silly Songs with Larry. In nearly every episode, Larry comes out and sings a silly song. He sings about how much he loves his lips, he sings about watching a soap operah starring manitees, he even sings about being a yodeling vetrenarian. While the songs are quite...silly, they're extremely funny. It is a combination of the facial expressions and words that make each subject so captivating.